Take menu favorites from good to gotta-haves with LTOs.

Most will agree that everything is better with gravy.
Now discover the power of gravy as a flavor enhancer to boost taste and craveability in all-time favorite menu items. Trio® gravies and sauces are fast, easy and dependable, so you can take your guests’ favorite foods from ordinary to extraordinary with one simple step. If these crowd-pleasers aren’t already on your menu, consider LTOs to generate new excitement!

  1. Create a world of difference in favorite ethnic entrées.

    Keep things interesting with a rotation of global fare, from spicy to hearty. Trio gravies and sauces save time and labor with one-step flavor.

    Menu Innovations:

    • Make easy chicken enchiladas by blending prepared Trio Cheese Sauce with Mexican rice, shredded chicken, and spicy herbs. Roll into tortillas along with tomatoes and jalapenos and top with more Trio Cheese Sauce.
    • Create a creamy beef stroganoff with egg noodles layered with tenderloin tips, sautéed mushrooms, sour cream and Trio Au Jus. Top with chopped scallions.
  2. Gravy puts the comfort in comfort foods.

    Trust Trio gravies to add irresistible taste and innovative new twists to classic comfort foods.

    Menu Innovations:

    • Make a hearty Shepherd’s Pie by blending prepared Trio Brown Gravy with ground beef, onion, carrots, corn, peas and potatoes and baking in a flaky pastry crust.
    • Forget the work! This beef stew is easy when you use Trio Au Jus as a base and blend with beef, carrots, celery, onions and top with a fresh buttermilk biscuit.
  3. Give menu favorites a creamy, craveable new taste.

    It’s easy to give much-loved dishes even more enticing appeal when you blend in smooth and creamy Trio gravies and sauces.

    Menu Innovations:

    • Make a white pizza by spreading roasted garlic over a pizza crust and ladling on Trio White Sauce and topping with Italian three-cheese blend.
    • Dial up the yum-factor with baked chicken and macaroni creamy gratin. Blend Trio Alfredo Sauce with macaroni noodles, chicken chunks, shredded Parmesan and chopped parsley.
Good gravy! Ready for more?

Want more ideas for taking menu favorites from average to amazing with Trio gravies? Contact us!